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Layil Goren is a Creative Dance Performer, Teacher and Therapist from the Golan Heights in Israel.


In 2019 she graduated the Kelim Choreography Center's 2-year Program under the artistic direction of Sharon Zuckerman Weiser. In 2010 she studied Choreography education course at the SNDO Academy of Theater and Dance - Amsterdam. In 2002 graduated her professional dance qualification at the Kibbutz Ga'aton professional Dance Workshop, and in 2007 at the Vertigo International Dance Program, what lead her dancing also professionally in the Young Vertigo Company.


Between 2016 - 2019 Layil created the works: "Lisa", "Two is a Creature One is a Herd", "Training" - as part of the 80/80 Festival - Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv and Kelim choreography Center Bat Yam.


Over the years she worked with choreographers such as: Ido Batash, Sahar Azimi, Deganit Shemy, Merav Cohen, Ruth Segalis, Nachshon Stein, Orit Shaul, Elad Shechter, Nicol Mahler and Noa Atar.


In 2018 she started working with the choreographer, performer and voice-artist Annabelle Dvir in all of her latest stage works - performing both nationally and abroad. Layil is a therapist of the Ilan Lev Method, and a contemporary dance teacher in various programs in Israel.



Tamar Kaminsky is a Drummer, Musician and Performer based in Jerusalem Israel - studying at The School of Visual Theater IL. She's the drummer, vocalist and producer of her band "DEAF CHONKY" which released two albums and one EP of their original materials since 2015. They traveled and preformed both in Israel and across Europe in festivals and venues over the years ('Smala Festival', 'Pohoda Festival', 'Garzen Festival', 'IndiNegev' and more).


Over the years 2016-2019 she was the side dancer-preformer of "KARMA SHE".Over the years 2016-2019 she was the side dancer-performer of "KARMA SHE".


In 2019 Tamar started to work with the choreographer, performer and voice-artist Annabelle Dvir (IL), composing original live music with her in her latest works. Now days Tamar is in her second year of studying at The School of Visual Theatre - Jerusalem Israel.


Dana Naim Hafouta is independent dancer and emerging choreographer. Recipient of the excellence scholarship of IUGTE organization for 'Oasis' arts Intensive Tuscany 2016. Between 2013-2019 she has danced with the choreographers Liat Waysbort (NL), Eyal Dadon (IL), Ido Batash (NL-IL), Francesca Harper (NY) Annabelle Dvir (IL) and the JDT Company-Jerusalem.


Her pieces presented in various festivals and venues in Israel ('Intimadance', ' From Jaffa to Agripas' and more) and in 4bid gallery Amsterdam. The piece 'Minute Liberties' is invited by Highways Performance Center LA to present during 2020. Graduate BA of The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Honors, and currently studying for her MA.

Dana Naim Hafouta - by Eli.jpg


Zohar Yehieli is a Musician and Writer based in Tel-Aviv Israel. She's the guitarist, bassist, vocalist and producer of her band "Tsuf-Zohar-Inbal" that released their first EP in 2019, and the bassist of "Herdat Bitzua" band. She graduated Kalay School's Music Department.


In 2019 Zohar started working with the choreographer, performer and voice-artist Annabelle Dvir, together with drummer Tamar Kaminsky, they composed and preformed the music of "7 INCH OF SLAM - THE FULL BODY SOUNDSCAPE" that debuted as part of the first and only co-production between Diver Festival 2019 & From Jaffa to Agripas Festival 2019, and showcased at the International Exposure-Suzanne Dellal Tel-Aviv 2019.


Tamar Sonn is a dance artist working between

Israel and Berlin. She is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance High School and was

recognized as an outstanding dancer during her service with the Israel Defense Forces.


In 2007 she was a recipient of a Sharett Scholarship from the America Israel Cultural Foundation. In 2010, Tamar took part in “The Project," a contemporary repertoire dance company of the Israel Opera and Suzanne Dellal Centre, where she performed works by Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, William Forsythe, and Idan Sharabi. She has worked with choreographers such as Sharon Vazanna, Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof, Annabelle Dvir, Odelya Kuperberg, Idan Cohen, and Yoni Soutchy.


Since 2019 she has collaborated with the choreographer Kat Válastur (Berlin) in the creations Arcana Swarm, Stellar Fauna,

the FarNear, and Diana, Even, and she served as a choreographer assistant for the work Eye,Lash!. In 2020 Tamar worked with Nitsan Margaliot to initiate The Platform for Independent Dancers in Israel.

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Noa Shaveh - Head Picture _edited.jpg


Noa Shaveh is an independent Creative Dancer, Performer and Teacher. Graduated the Dance Department of Alon High School of Arts, and the professional dance qualification - "Hasadna" in Kibbutz Ga'aton.


Noa was recognized as an outstanding dancer during her service with the Israel Defense Forces.

In the last years, Noa has preformed, and been a creative dancer in works by the choreographers: Rachel Erdos, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf in various dance festivals in Israel. She also took part in the creative process of Andrea Costanzo Martini and Yankalle Filtser. in 2021 preformed in "Curtain Up" Dance Festival in Tel Aviv with a solo by the choreographer Ronit Ziv.


Lately Noa has joined the "WOMEN OF SOUNDS" ensemble of the choreographer, composer and voice artist Annabelle Dvir.


Yael Schreiber is a musician, performer and actress. Initiator and manager of the acapella ensemble 'Koltor'. Graduated from the theater track in Tel Aviv, the Academy of Music in Jerusalem, and Ben Gurion University.

Plays on various stages such as Tsvta, the Acre Festival, the Tel Aviv Cultural Center, and in Israeli films. Appears as a singer and musician on major stages in Israel, including the Israeli Opera, Suzanne Dellal and the Israel Festival and throughout Europe.



Yara Ehrlich is a dancer and choreographer from Jerusalem, teacher of dance and movement. Graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance and the course for choreography. She studied and still studies Acrobatics, Pole Dancing, Acro-balance and Capoeira in a variety of workshops and programs in Israel and around the world.


In recent years, Yara has been researching how acrobatic elements can be integrated into dance and natural movement language. It is aimed at expanding the body's vocabulary, opening up new movement possibilities and expanding freedom and security in the body.

Nowdays, she is also teaching dance for children on the autistic spectrum and is a dancer in the project of the choreographer and composer Annabelle Dvir.


Gili Dadon is an independent dancer and performer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


She graduated from Reut School for the Preforming Arts in Haifa, where she majored in dance, and graduated from the Vertigo International Dance Program in Jerusalem. 


Gili participated in the works of Neta Pulvermcher, Tamar Lerner, and took part in Iris Erez’s  “Meholelim Group”. 

She joined the “Woman Of Sounds” ensemble in 2022 by the choreographer, composer, and voice artist Annabelle Dvir.



Adi Eytan is a performing, dancing, creating and teaching artist.


Performed and took a part of creative processes in works by the choreographer and voice artist Annabelle Dvir between 2020 - 2022. Worked with the Israeli choreographers: Yaara Erlich, Elai Alpervovitch, Tamar Binyamini, Irit Amichai, Uri Duvdevani and Anat Ganan.


Between 2013 to 2018 Adi was based in NYC for a few years. There she danced in the contemporary butoh/dance company LEIMAY directed by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, while also taking creative and performative parts in independent projects by various choreographers and artists from around the globe (Taiwan, South Africa, Sweden, South Korea, New York and more). Her own solo works have been showcased in several theaters and galleries throughout New York (The Brick theater, Dixon Place, Hudson Guild Theater, Glasshouse art-live, The Cave and more).


In her earlier years, Adi was dancing with Kolben Dance Company Directed by Amir Kolben. She acquired her dance training at the Bikurei Haitim professional dance school in Tel aviv, and at the professional training programs of DedeDance Company and of Vertigo Dance Company. Also, as a graduate of the Excellence Program with a full scholarship from the Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem.


Beside dancing, Adi is a therapeutic yoga teacher and a Thai Massage body worker.

2015 - 2017
Artistic Collaborations



Oded Keren is a composer, electronic musician and performer, B.A. graduate at the academy of music and dance in Jerusalem. He creates music with an approach of absolute eclecticism, open to influences from all musical styles, without differentiation between "high" and "popular" music, mainstream and fringe, and even between music and other artistic mediums. It is music of the internet age, which uses all available resources without or in spite of prejudice.

This preoccupation manifests in two different attitudes in the music – deconstruction and reconstruction of existing sound and music, molding new music out of it, using a "cut-and-paste" method inspired by concrete and industrial music, hip-hop, Stravinsky and Mahler; and using mixed technique in free writing, aspiring to create a dramatic, sensual and passionate music which also bridges between separate musical cultures.




Karina Hananeia is an independent media-artist and choreographer, dancer and teacher of animation, MA student at the Sapir Academy (production and theory). BA and teaching certificate from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (2015).

After Mob Body premiered at The Jerusalem International Dance Week 2016 - Machol Shalem Dance Festival. In 2017 was invited to perform in The Mazya Dance Series 2017 curated by the choreographers Tammy & Ronen Izhaki. The dance performance inspired the creation of the exhibition 'Body Unit' / Ink on Paper by Karina Hananeia. 

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