Premiered at Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2017

Supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport.


INSTRUMENTAL BODIES is a ritualistic dance piece for the floor, three bodies and a wooden box, which upholds the scale between pain and pleasure; subjection and independence. We practice in the energetic, instrumental-musical and the tangible-sensory impulse that arises from the collision of the body as an Instrument; Tool; Object; with the “materials” that surrounds it. We examine the ritualism of the humiliated body by re-experiencing its weight, the strength of its eruption and its lunge to the floor. The bodies investigate the repetitiveness of release and limitation; gratification and transcendence through frustration and coercion.

The evolving language of INSTRUMENTAL BODIES highlights the mass of the body, the sounds produced by it, the “groove” emerging from its dialogue with the ground. Through INSTRUMENTAL BODIES I have conducted a musical research of the “blues” and “rock”, of the body’s “vocal blues”. Those elements reflect the observed decoded language of my works.