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 Premiered at Intimadance Festival 2018 Tel Aviv & Showcased in the International Exposure - The Jerusalem International Dance Week.

Supported by the Israeli - Mifal Hapais - Culture & Art Division 2018-2019.

An article in The Jerusalem Post (2018) by Ori J. Lankinsky

Lee Nahat Shalom responds in CW on Work of Flesh - SHOWCASE Jerusalem International Dance Week 2018.


“An innovation…intriguing and primal…I would very much recommend to everyone who loves the searching, exploring and experimental fields, to watch this work” Yoval Meskin - An interview on the show - Art Period.

“…From the material shards of the slammed body, emerges a feminine community that replaces communication through words and expression, for a deeper connection of voice and senses” Idit Soslik Phd The Current Eye.

“…Carved into my soul…an awesome lamentation…chilling slamming recital” Lilach Dekel Avneri - This moment 26 a testimony of fracture.

 Work of Flesh - Soundtrack for Five Slammed Bodies focuses on the physical and behavioral shape of the voice, as an outcome for the slamming action, the “moment of fragmentation”. The soundtrack is processed by transformation of audial archetypes, chanting, humming, and "the sound of the flesh", and is asked to alter the meaning of the physical acts, by procuring new connotations for it.

The work was premiered at Intimadance Festival 2018 - Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, under the artistic direction of Anat Katz and Erez Maayan. The work has continued to develop with in the frameworks of  Tights: Dance & Thought Residency, Arts Printing House Residency - Vilna, Lithuania, in collaboration with Machol Shalem Dance House Jerusalem.

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