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Dance Performance & Exhibition


A 17 min visual - dance piece that gathers body, movement, live sound, black rice and white stage, creating a shared time - space sensation. In order to learn about my body, I chose to draw inspiration from animation techniques. I treat my body as a storyboard, composed of visual images. Oded Keren, creative musician for the piece, produces realistic and abstract atmospheres simultaneously by using manipulation on the real time body recorded rustles.

I'm not going to dismantle the stance I entered and lay on the side of my body. However, the next time I'll be at that stance, I'll unravel it instantly, on behalf of the conscious decision that I deserve to breathe. I'll try to transform the shape of my body, to revisit it, to let my body parts discuss the inconvenience. I'll wear animated qualities, as a material. Perhaps in this way I could return to myself.

The work premiered at The Jerusalem International Dance Week 2016 - Machol Shalem Dance Festival.

Created and performed - Annabelle Dvir || Live music composition - Oded Keren || Stage composition and construction - Annabelle Dvir || Artistic consulting - Shelly Palmon || Costumes - Gali Libraider || Art Exhibition - Karina Hanania


צילום - אקי פלקסר איכות גבוה.jpg



The drawing, which was created layer by layer, can be visualized as a dance piece, constructed from the initial contact with the space, to accurate motion lines. The ink drawing series "Body Unit", converse with the visual dance piece "Mob Body" by Annabelle Dvir, through the usage of the body as a source of inspiration, as a material to break down and metamorphose. The drawings relate to the body as a whole unit, always moving and innovating, although not as a stand-alone unit: The body is influenced relentlessly from its surroundings, even swallowed by it sometimes, almost disappearing. However, only to resurface as a different being, through other shape or image.

סקיצה לתערוכה - קרינה.jpg
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