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Inanimates took my body on a journey, where its organs went through different phases and states, in which my body parts turn into characters in a puppetry. This solo instills the human space alongside inanimate raw materials and movement with black mound, which echoes the body’s actions. The physical work gets its inspiration from animation techniques, through them the body moves in assembly and disassembly of its limbs. 

The working process relies on physical search inspired by visual movement themes from animation techniques. 

I use the body as if it was a script, constructed from images and text. that reminds comics (=storyboard). Within it I fragment movements/key positions (=key frames), into short elements, so as to create the “in betweening” (the pictures between the key frames), of those same physical elements. In order to develop a quality similar to those of stills pictures, which in their turn morph into an animated sequence, I use basic animation principles such as: Timing / Slow In Slow Out / Arc / Anticipation / Exaggeration / Squash And Stretch / Staging / Pose To Pose and more.

Through those principles, I relate to my body as a dynamic mold, and conduct a dialog with the tangible and auditory elements of the piece.

The process envelopes the need in finding the body, which moves in two presences, a home. A presence of the dancing body, in correspondence with the axiom of an organic, materialistic once.

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