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We dive into the poetic realm of our triangle,proudly wearing our masculinityand carrying our femininity in acceptance.

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No Place Here Any Place Now

#online / #onlife
June 20, 2020 > June 20, 2021

Let’s take a moment and imagine that we are all DIPPED IN GOLD is a performative instrumental-vocal affair traverses the spectrum between masculine and feminine folkloristic forms and actions, as represented in the Georgian cultural heritage and in that of the “contemporary dance”, in order to reexamine historical-ethnical, private, and aesthetic archetypes. The event “takes place” in the imagined Caucasus Mountains, as a hybrid trio that functions as a quintet: Three women: Georgian, Tatarian-Russian, and Syrian-German imagine the “stage arena” as gold, wearing their masculinity and rephrasing the male folklore in their bodies, next to the instrumental apparatus – The Drum Set. The experience seeks to produce an audial-visual environment that will construct a deconstruction for ethnical and periodical icons related to the “screaming idea”.
We revivify and celebrate memories rooted in tradition, adjacent to the current knowledge and technique acquired by our bodies, asking the songs of the western drums to change their spots and return to their homeland – the East.


Choreographer, Voice & Live Music Composer: Annabelle Dvir
Creative Dance Performers and Vocalists: Layil Goren, Annabelle Dvir
Live Music Composer – Drums and Vocalist: Tamar Kaminsky

DIPPED IN GOLD premiered as part of MASH Dance House Festival 2019 – The Jerusalem
International Dance Week, and developed as part of the KELIM Center Choreography Program.
Produced as part of the project: CHOREOGRAPHIC ACTS FOR SCREAMING with the support of
The Israeli Lottery Council for Culture and Arts – Mifal Hapais; The Israeli Choreographers
Association and The School of Movement and Dance – Kiryat Hatarbut – Ness Ziona.

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